Navgraha Shanti,


Any ‘Shantikarma’ is mainly divided as ‘Auspicious Shanti & ‘Inauspicious Shanti '

Auspicious Shanti : The ‘Shantikarma’ ritual which is performed to get blessings from God in general, having a good luck in future or to have prosperity in general by removing all those imperfections, flaws, defects, weaknesses, etc. for the entire family / related with the house or property purchased or in one’s life.

Examples : Udak Shanti, Vastu Shanti, Vayovasthabhidh Shanti, etc.

Inauspicious Shanti : The ‘Shantikarma’ ritual which is performed to remove all those defects, weaknesses, shortcomings, etc. in the horoscope of any person or to remove all those bad effects / consequences / implications likely to be generated for the family members, due to the death of their close relative.

Examples : Janan Shanti, Tripad Nakshatra Shanti, Panchak Nakshatra Shanti, Nidhan Shanti, etc.