Sanskrit On-Line Learning, E - Tution

E – Learning

Nowadays, everyone is busy throughout a day while fulfilling his / her duties as a student, employee, owner, professional or housewife.  However, many people find some time for their hobbies / doing the work which they like. 

There are teachers / masters available who teach various Sanskrit scriptures to their students.  But this type of learning requires one to be present at some particular place & time.  Due to busy schedule & long distances involved in reaching a particular place, this type of learning is not possible for most of the busy people.

Sanskrit script is similar to Hindi / Marathi & anyone knowing Hindi or Marathi can read the text of Sanskrit.  However, perfect pronunciation of the text is not that easy & it has to be learned from the experienced master / teacher.

Phonetics is an integral & important part of Philology.  It is proved that many Sanskrit 'hymns', ‘sukta’ & 'mantra' are full of energies.  So if it is pronounced perfectly & recited again & again, can gather a lot of positive energy, affecting the person involved as well as the surrounding.  If pronunciations are wrong, it creates negative effects.

We are providing “E – Learning Platform” for all those people who are very busy in their profession / can’t  waste time in travel / want a suitable day & time of their choice  / just want to sit at their house & learn. With personal E –Tution, you can learn to pronounce any Sanskrit ‘sukta’ or ‘mantra’ from Rigved in a proper & scientific way.     

Following things can be learned on Facetime / Skype :

- Ganapati Atharvsheersh

- Shiv Mahimna

- Rudradhyaya

- Purush Sukta

- Shree Sukta

- Saur Sukta

- Brahmanaspati Sukta

- Vishnu Sukta

- Devi Sukta

- Manyu Sukta

- Hari Sukta

- Medha Sukta

- Anna Sukta

- Udak Shanti

- Shaanti Paath

- Sanskrit Saptshati

- Bhagwad Geeta

- Puja Ritual

- Rigved Samhita

- Anything of your choice



The advantages of this platform are ……

  • Your pronunciation of the actual text would be perfect
  • Flexible timing choice 
  • Learning is possible just sitting at your home
  • No waste of time in tavel 
  • Fulfillment of your inner wish